It’s been a while since I’ve written anything new and its been a long couple weeks.  Valentine’s came and went, just like time.  I can’t believe that March is here and the semester is almost halfway over.  I have an A, 2 B’s, and I don’t know what I have in my math class.  I’m almost positive that I’m failing.

School is becoming harder and harder with each passing week, although, I don’t mind it with 3 of my 4 classes.  Intro to Computers has been very informative on how to properly use Word and simple computer tasks.  My professor is a good man and seems to truly enjoy his line of work for school and for the major health insurance company he works for.  This class seems to somewhat stay the same with difficulty, but I have a paper to write about how social media has changed with the technology that grows with each month.

Medical Terminology is getting harder – which it should.  It is one that I will use the rest of my life so learning it is vital and challenging.  I messed up on last week’s assignment so tomorrow will be spent working on it some more, so I can get my A.

I absolutely love my Medical Ethics class – very challenging and its a positive challenge.  The cases we read about really challenge what I believe is right, how I view my religion, and how I view certain groups of people.  It has humbled me more than I thought, but also got me questioning where the lines of faith and medicine collide.  We are in a unit about death and dying and its sometimes heartbreaking.  I sometimes wonder if my heart can take cases that are cruel and unusual.  I have to keep reminding myself that I will be taking the X-Rays and scans and won’t be too involved with their personal stories.

My math class is going to get me good.  My teacher isn’t willing to set aside time to help me so I’m going to have to break down and call my uncle.  He is a high school math teacher and is quite full of himself.  His personality is hard to get along with but desperate times call for desperate measures.  I’m in college pre-algebra so I’m sure he’ll give me some crap over it, but you have to start somewhere.  I hope that I can make it through this class and I don’t fail – I don’t have an extra $600 laying around to pay for it either!

I know I only write this for myself because I don’t publish these to my social media accounts, but it is therapeutic when I get around to it.  I have so many hopes and dreams depending on my education.  I want to move to the South and get away from here for a while.  I want to live on my own and see where life takes me.  I know I will probably end back up right here but I want to look back on life and say that I lived.  I don’t want to look back and think “I should’ve done that when I was able.”


Author: 30singlecatholic

I am a 30 year old woman, living the single life, trying to live my Catholic faith as best as I can. I am a lover of the outdoors, babies, crafts, and people.

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