All a part of the plan

So I have been thinking a lot about my health.  Earlier this year I got some labs done at my primary care, and they didn’t come back so great.  I had bad calcium levels and my heart health wasn’t great.  So I started to take a fish oil for my heart and got referred to an endocrinologist for my calcium levels.  When I met with the endocrinologist, he said that I had hyperparathyroidism – say what?  I’m young, I’ve never really had health issues, why now?  So over the last several weeks I’ve had blood drawn, nuclear scans on my thyroid, more blood drawn, urine collections (which was gross by the way, as you can imagine), and lastly an ultrasound.

What has come of all these tests?  My calcium is still out of whack and no nodules on my thyroid, thank the good Lord above!  I was told that after all these tests come back that I may need surgery.  Tomorrow is my follow up to find out if surgery is needed, and if it is, it will be soon… in the next few weeks.

The thought of someone cutting into my neck and shave part of that gland off is scary.  I know that I will have some good people praying for me and I hope God will protect me and guide the doctors when/if it happens.  I just want the results and for all of this to be resolved.  School starts August 14th and all of this is extra heavy on my mind and heart.  I know prayer helps and I am trying to focus on the positive.

If you’re reading and believe in the power of prayer, please send one up for this girl!

Love and peace.


Author: 30singlecatholic

I am a 30 year old woman, living the single life, trying to live my Catholic faith as best as I can. I am a lover of the outdoors, babies, crafts, and people.

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