Its been a while

Its been quite some time since I’ve updated on my life.  I have officially finished my spring semester and I finished with 3 A’s and a C in my math class.  I was so worried but I had my uncle’s help and we got it done!  Now this summer I am onto Math 150 and then Anatomy & Physiology and Physics in the fall.  3.5 GPA for my first semester back isn’t too shabby.

Over the last month or so, I have been trying to be more health conscious.  I will be 31 in the fall and right now, I’m not anywhere close to were I want to be physically.  I went to the doc last week and my weight is up and so are some of my labs.  I was told this morning that I have a possible thyroid issue that require more labs, as well as my triglycerides, which also require some labs.  I am not happy with the numbers but I can only blame myself.  I am an emotional eater and this semester had me stressed beyond reason.

I have signed up for kickboxing and inquired about a 21 Day Fix accountability group.  My friend Courtney has been losing weight, alongside her boyfriend Justin.  They are friends that I have had for about 10 years now, but they have lived in Georgia the last few so it has made our friendship a little harder to keep in touch.  She is a 21DF coach and she has agreed to let me join her accountability group and help me with my weight loss journey.  I have done it before but quit after my 21 days, even though, I had great results.  I have ballooned back up to 220 lbs, but at my heaviest I was 231 when I was married.  After my divorce, I got down to about 195 and was so happy.  It has slowly crept back up and I have watched the numbers grow on my scale.  The lab results were the final kick in the pants that I’ve needed.


I have heart disease that runs in my family, mostly with my mom’s side of the family.  My sweet Papaw is the #1 victim that I have watched suffer with heart issues most of my life.  His first scare was in ’95 with a quadruple bypass, then later in 2000, then 2005, 2011, and just last month.  When I got the call that he was in the hospital, it was the usual questions; “Is he ok?,” “When will he get home?,” and the best one “Does he need surgery and if he does, can his heart take it?”  These occurrences are the norm for my family, but why should they be?  It needs to end with Papaw’s heart and not carry onto me or my brothers.   My mother has high blood pressure but we know its because of her weight.  We are all big people which means we need to end the chain now.  After the call this morning, I can’t allow myself to be a bad example for my niece and nephews of an unhealthy lifestyle.  It stops with us.

So.  New changes to come – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I will eat better.  I will move more.  I will cope without emotional eating.  I  have until my birthday to get it together – which is in November.  This summer will be my best one yet, and I can’t wait to see what I can do with a little bit of self love.


And remember – you have to keep a sense of humor!  What good is life without laughter?

God bless!